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Tonya Angel Shively (Crapsey)

  • Born: 31 October 1973
  • Location: Toledo, OH
  • About her name: My bio-father Joseph, and his second wife, Tonya's mother, Frances, did not agree on the spelling of her name. Joe wanted it "Tanya" after Tanya Tucker, and Fran wanted it "Tonya." So, she apparently has both spellings on her birth certificate. Go figure!


  • W/Dan Shively:
    1. Son (sorry, can't recall the name, even though I have a picture) DOB: ???
    2. Daughter Cheyenne DOB: ??
    3. Son (just born) Dan Jr. DOB: ???
This is Tonya at Kristin's High School Graduation party in June 2005. (This was the first time I have seen her since she was 10 years old!!)
Kimberly & Tonya
This is Kimberly & Tonya at Kristin's graduation party in June 2005. (I think we have very similar faces! how uncanny! Mine is fatter of course. )
This is Kristin, our step-brother Tony Blake (who is still a big part of the family as you can see) and his daughter Heavenly.
Yes, her name is Heavenly. After wishing for a daughter for so long, and after having two boys, Tony thought his little girl finally was a gift from Heaven. Hence her name. She is absolutely adorable!.
This is Kristin (graduation girl) and Tony's son Benny.
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