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Joseph Leroy Crapsey III

  • Born: 01 October 1960
  • Occupation: Contractor/Roofing
  • Location: Lambertville, MI


  • With Janet Wisniewski:
    1. Melissa Marie Crapsey DOB: 08.15.78
    2. Vanessa Elaine Crapsey DOB: 04.15.84
    3. Shana Lynn Crapsey DOB: 04.15.84

  • With Kim Todak:
    1. Tony Todak DOB: 09.23.87

  • With Tina Burtscher:
    1. Step Child: Thomas J Burtscher DOB: 02.09.81
    2. Hanna Marie Crapsey DOB: 11.05.90
    3. Trisha Elleen Crapsey DOB: 11.06.91
    4. Joseph Leroy Crapsey IV DOB: 10.31.95
This is a picture of (starting clockwise at Joe..) Joe III, Tina, Joe IV, Trisha, and Hanna. I think it is about 2001 I think. Hanna and Tina both have much shorter hair now.
Here is another picture of Joe's big brood. All that is missing is Melissa, Vanessa, and Tony. Does he have a ton of kids or what?! Also included is mom. Front Row (L-R): Trisha, Joe IV; Back Row (L-R): Thomas, Shana, Hanna, and Mom
Visit Joe's Gallery to see more pictures of the children. The gallery is for immediately family members only.
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